New Year and Fresh Season

This new year and fresh season has brought an interesting mix. While there is a great expectation in the spirit for what in directly in front of us, there is an even greater press for concentrated prayer and intercession for this season. We are also finding Mark 4:22 happening exceedingly fast as well. Hidden things are being revealed, and secret things are being exposed. That which people are hiding is being seen and shown openly, that holiness may come if it is wanted – too few choose it. Here in Nimpo Lake, we are seeing new people coming out to services on an increasingly regular basis. Harvest is here, but the family of God must first be positioned. We are also learning what we hold to out of religious tradition, and what we do out of relationship with God. While the walking out of the two may not appear too different, the results are like night and day.

Thank you so much to all those who pray for KDI. Your prayers are what enable us to do all that we are. Your continued prayer will help us arrive in our destiny, both corporately and in the local houses.
A couple of thoughts to ponder in closing:

The greatest killer of the fire of the Holy Spirit is the wet blanket of self.
Unless we learn how to be parented by the Father, we can never become the Bride God needs us to be.